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WordPress Plugins Exploited in Ongoing Attack, Researchers Warn

Researchers warn users of several plugins to update as vulnerabilities are being actively exploited to redirect website visitor traffic.

Posted on 23 August 2019 | 7:30 pm

News Wrap: Linux Utility Backdoor, Steam Zero Day Disclosure Drama

From a backdoor placed in the Webmin utility to vulnerability disclosure drama around zero-days in Valve's Steam gaming clients, Threatpost breaks down this week's top stories.

Posted on 23 August 2019 | 4:38 pm

Lenovo High-Severity Bug Found in Pre-Installed Software

Security researchers at Pen Test Partners have found a privilege escalation flaw in the much-maligned Lenovo Solution Center software.

Posted on 23 August 2019 | 4:00 pm

Google Launches Open-Source Browser Extension for Ad Transparency

Google introduced a new initiative that it hopes will fight shady online advertising practices such as digital fingerprinting.

Posted on 22 August 2019 | 7:47 pm

Building a Mobile Defense: 5 Key Questions to Ask

Willie Sutton and mobile attackers have much in common -- but defenses have evolved since the famous bank robber had his heyday.

Posted on 22 August 2019 | 4:27 pm

Spyware App on Google Play Gets Boot, Returns Days Later

The app purported to stream music - but actually siphoned victims' device contacts and files.

Posted on 22 August 2019 | 2:16 pm

Researcher Discloses Second Steam Zero-Day After Valve Bug Bounty Ban

After Valve banned him from its bug bounty program, a researcher has found a second zero-day vulnerability affecting the Steam gaming client.

Posted on 21 August 2019 | 8:40 pm

The Texas Ransomware Attacks: A Gamechanger for Cybercriminals

Security researchers worry that this weekend's coordinated attacks on more than 20 Texas governments mark a change in how ransomware attacks will be launched in the future.

Posted on 21 August 2019 | 7:20 pm

Cisco Patches Six Critical Bugs in UCS Gear and Switches

Six bugs found in Cisco’s Unified Computing System gear and its 220 Series Smart switches can allow unauthenticated remote hackers to take over equipment.

Posted on 21 August 2019 | 5:38 pm