The journey to a great website

In website development, it all begins with a meeting. This is where the client explains his needs and ideas and you inform him on all the specifics of the process.  After everything is agreed the quest for a great website starts.


The journey begins with a wireframe. This is where the basic structure for all the components of your site is set, but without the distraction of visual design. If everything is as requested you can continue towards the mood board.

Mood Board

The mood board is a collection of ideas that represents the overall feel and look of the site. This can be a collection of graphics, text, colours and anything else required to make the website reflect the feeling the client has in mind.

Visual Composition

 The third stop of the journey is the visual composition. This is a combination of the wireframe and the mood board to create a static version of the site. Here a meeting is contacted to agree on the final details and present it to the client.

Style Guide

This is a central point of reference. A blueprint for construction specific to the website. Detailed notes for developers and designers. Fourth step and we are already near the end of the journey.


The final stop before our destination. This is where we build the site, transforming the static visuals into webpages. Everything has to be just right.


 A password protected version is deployed, awaiting client feedback and comments. You have now reached your destination. If everything was done just right, you can watch your creation go live. A rewarding moment for you and your client.