Reasons I moved from Windows to Linux

For several months now I was thinking of moving to linux. The initial reason was that at some point earlier this year, my computer got a virus that made it a client and started sending my data to a server, which resulted in me formatting the computer immediately and a couple of sleepless nights. 

The second hit came when I learned about windows data collection. I knew that its data collected "to improve the user experience" and that it can be changed after fiddling with the settings a bit, but still I wanted my computer to not send data to any servers except the ones I allow it to and that I am aware of. 

The third reason was relatively old hardware. My Alienware laptop still has eight gigabytes of ram and an I7 processor (pretty slow though) but it is five years old now and  does not perform as it used to, so games where out of the question anyway.

I was looking for something that didn't cause my hardware to overheat and that I had full control on. I didn't care about game support, I just needed a stable, light system full of gadgets and tools that I use everyday.

A couple of days ago I succumbed to the idea and formatted my laptop to Debian. It was great. After a day of setting things up, I had a system with that my laptop could run without overheating and with all the tools I use. I fully recommend it if you have a small knowledge of unix command line and you do not require game support (Although more and more games can run on linux now). 

P.S : nmap localhost - ports open-> Zero, you don't see this much on Windows.